5 retention tools to keep your clients for longer

In order for your fitness business to grow, you need to build your client base. This not only comes from recruiting new clients, but also keeping your existing ones.

Here are five ways to help you retain your customers… 

1. Identify why your clients chose you as their trainer

What do you offer that other trainers don’t. What’s your niche? Having this clarity will help you move your business forward in a meaningful way, that is more likely to keep you and your clients engaged.

2. Keep your clients motivated and dedicated to achieving their goals

What is the reason your clients have chosen a Personal Trainer or Online Coach in the first place? Are they getting married, have a big holiday coming up or just want to be in better shape? Ensure you’re keeping your clients in check with their main goal and think about how you can keep them motivated once their goal is achieved. It may then become more about maintaining their fitness levels or pushing themselves to the next level. 

3. Provide achievable, bite-sized goals to make up the bigger picture

Your clients may feel overwhelmed if they’ve set themselves a big target. Creating bite-sized goals over a period of time can help make this feel more manageable. This also allows you to ensure your client is on the right track with their progress and you’re able to amend their training or nutrition accordingly. 

4. Keep clear and consistent lines of communication

Whether your client is face-to-face or online, communication is key! This should be frequent and consistent. My PT Hub allows you to communicate via its messaging system, so you can keep track of all communication with each client in one place. Your clients can also provide feedback on each workout they complete and you can offer encouragement by using the ‘Like’ feature. 

5. Make sure your clients retain their accountability to the cause

This is an important one, especially with online clients. You can only do so much. At the end of the day, it’s down to the client to ensure they stick to their nutrition and workout plans set by yourself. 


All of the above are focused on your clients, but for you to fulfil your duty as their trainer, you need to be as engaged in the process as they are. They need to feel like with you steering the ship, it’s impossible for them not to achieve their goals. Therefore, if you want to be retaining your clients, it’s paramount that you combine all of the above methods whilst making sure you’re as motivated as they are.

Spend a few hours every week to go over your clients’ progress and send tips as to where they can improve. This is commonly known as ‘client check-ins’. It shows clients that you are genuinely interested in their progress and it keeps them accountable for their actions and behaviour when they aren’t with you in the gym. Head over to our previous blog that shows three ways of streamlining your client check-ins here


Written by Lewis Agnew, My PT Hub Chief Operating Officer.