Adding that professional touch to your business with My PT Hub

With the fitness industry becoming larger and larger it’s no wonder trainers are now searching for ways to help them stand out from the crowd and attract more clients.

Whether you work for yourself or within a gym we all have one thing in common – Wanting more clients!

Here’s how My PT Hub can help!

Streamline your business.

My PT Hub is currently used by over 55,000+ trainers worldwide who have all taken the transition from the old school pen and paper to an online platform to manage their business.

But what are the benefits?
– Paperless
– Access it at any time, anywhere from your mobile/tablet device or desktop
– Totally unlimited
– Everything is stored online in a cloud meaning your data won’t eat up your memory/space
– Affordable
– Professional looking
– Keep everything in one place
– Custom branded to you
– Unlimited workout/nutrition plans

You want to make the experience and process for your clients as smooth as possible, take away those countless PDF’s, excel spreadsheets and emails.

With My PT Hub everything is in one place, clients can view/log their workouts and nutrition plans. Complete check-ins, upload progress photos, monitor their progress and even message yourself. All from the touch of a button!

No need for clients to download/switch between multiple apps!

Add your own branding

– Brand the software internally with your own branding colours and logo.
When clients log in to both the app and website they’ll see your branding, both logo and colours. This adds a personal touch to the software and makes it feel more personal to your clients.

– Get your own custom branded app!
With the additional custom app feature, you are able to place your logo as the app icon and have your own app available for download in both the iOS and Android app stores.
This is the finishing touch to your business giving your clients all the power of My PT Hub, without them ever knowing about us.

Whether you’re looking to attract more clients or simply increase your time management, My PT Hub is the software for you!

Check out what My PT Hub has to offer here and sign up to our 30 day FREE trial through the button below.