9 vegetarian protein sources

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While meat and fish are usually the go-to ingredients for a protein fix, more and more people are switching to meat free diets or introducing meat free recipes into their meal plans, so it’s important that your nutrition advice and plans can meet your clients’ demands. In celebration of National Vegetarian Week here in the […]

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Becca Gillen’s guide to flexible dieting

Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Becca Gillen, is an advocate for flexible dieting. She believes you should be able to eat chocolate and pizza, and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here, she explains how… All you need is to understand WHY ‘unhealthy’ foods like pizza won’t make you fat, how to understand a calorie deficit, and […]

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The vegan diet: Is it the new fad?

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Many people have just finished doing Veganuary, many might also be continuing to do Veganuary or follow the vegan diet in some shape or form. I’ve just finished doing Veganuary, following a vegan diet for the month of January, and the big question on everyone’s lips I’ve spoken to is how did it go and […]

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‘IIFYM’ 101 With Francis Williams

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How To Lose The Love Handles While Still Consuming Your Favourite Foods So we’ve all heard the phrase ‘If It Fits Your Macros or IIFYM’ and how it can help you build muscle, lose fat or simply maintain your physique while you enjoy a beer and pizza. How can you do it without your hard […]

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Nutrition made easy with My PT Hub

You hear a lot of trainers say “Abs are made in the kitchen” or “You can’t out train a bad diet”, but a lot of coaches find nutrition planning to be time consuming and stressful. Well say goodbye to countless hours spent creating un-needed PDF files & spreadsheets and hello to nutrition building with My PT Hub! My […]

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Weight Loss and Fat Loss – Are They The Same?

You hear people say ‘I want to lose weight and get toned.’ But weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. Yes ‘off the shelf’ weight loss plans will make you shift scale weight – but it comes at the expense of muscle loss, low energy and compromised body physiology / internal health. Which […]

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Keep on top of your clients nutrition with My PT Hub

When it comes to your clients achieving their goals, nutrition plays a vital role in the process. For some, tracking everything their client consumes can be a tricky and long-winded process. Not with My PT Hub! My PT Hub holds the largest verified nutrition database in the world with a clean, simple and easy to […]

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Batman Vs. Superman

Batman Vs. Superman … The Dark Knight Vs. The Man of Steel … Man Vs. God Justified titles for the gentlemen playing each role! We must remember though that these are only roles and that both Ben and Henry are indeed, human. You could be forgiven for mistaking them for superheroes however by the size […]

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What are and why do we use energy gels?

We all have that friend, family member or client who’s taking part in an endurance event who would love to get that ‘edge’ (and I’m not talking about a glass of vino before the event!). The market nowadays is a wash with different gels, bars and isotonic drinks to help keep you going for longer. […]

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