Change the way your clients see exercise

Unfortunately, getting in the gym and smashing out a session isn’t as easy for everyone as it is you guys – personal trainers, fitness professionals and bodybuilders. If it were, the world would be a much healthier place, obesity would be non-existent and metabolic diseases such as strokes and diabetes would be much greater controlled. […]

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FitMedia’s top tips to increasing your brand awareness online

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Building brand awareness as a fitness professional is crucial if you want to stand out amongst a plethora of competitors. There will always be other coaches, trainers and experts, but if you can be recognised and known for who you are and what you do then you’ll be in a great position to grow your […]

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Affiliate Program: Refer a friend – Earn Cash!

Do you have an active My PT Hub subscription? Did you know you can sign up to our affiliates program and earn a cash kickback for every user that signs up using your unique discount code?! That’s right! Earn up to 100% for each user that successfully signs up to a My PT Hub subscription […]

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NEW: Fitbit Integration, ‘Liking’ feature and much more!

When we say we integrate, we actually integrate. Welcoming… Fitbit integration!        Constantly increasing the levels of accountability you can offer your clients, Fitbit integration brings another level of tracking through step counts, calories burned, distance covered and much more! Throughout the day you will be able to access a constant feed of […]

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‘IIFYM’ 101 With Francis Williams

IIFYM, if it fits your macros, macros, flexible dieting, flexibiledieting, diet, nutrition

How To Lose The Love Handles While Still Consuming Your Favourite Foods So we’ve all heard the phrase ‘If It Fits Your Macros or IIFYM’ and how it can help you build muscle, lose fat or simply maintain your physique while you enjoy a beer and pizza. How can you do it without your hard […]

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The Benefits Of Logging Your Workouts

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If you’re not already logging your workouts, where have you been?  With My PT Hub you and your clients have the ability to log workouts in their entirety, covering the reps performed, weight lifted and more. One of the key benefits to logging your workouts is the ability to track your progress over time, ensuring […]

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