Change the way your clients see exercise

Unfortunately, getting in the gym and smashing out a session isn’t as easy for everyone as it is you guys – personal trainers, fitness professionals and bodybuilders.
If it were, the world would be a much healthier place, obesity would be non-existent and metabolic diseases such as strokes and diabetes would be much greater controlled.

As a fitness professional, how can we look to change our clients (current & new) outlook on exercising?
We’ve listed our three top tips below!

1. Social life tweaks

Everyone will at some point in their career take on a client who is afraid of sacrificing their social life for the gym. We’ve all been there!
It’s not without clever planning that actually, a client comes to realise that their social life can INCLUDE the gym. Whether that’s training in pairs/small groups or even building a strong connection with you, their trainer.
A great example that we have noticed with the rise of online training is an online community for trainers to include all their clients in one area. A place for them to socialise, meet others going through the same stages as them and even arrange mini sessions together!


2. Think outside the gym

“Oh, but I have to go to the gym to exercise…”
The assumption that without a gym membership, exercise can’t be achieved is very much false, and for some, an excuse.
There are so many alternatives you can explore; Home workouts, walking, bootcamps/personal training in an open area and even remote training videos.


3. Goal setting

We hear it all the time but setting small, realistic goals will not only help motivate your client, as they hit a new target/goal they’ll be even more motivated as they can physically see the progress occurring.
Look at it this way, drop a dress size in a week? For most, completely unattainable. Drop a dress size in a month, with a 3lb drop each week? Attainable!

It’s our role as coaches to introduce individuals to a healthier lifestyle and almost become their own life-coach at the same time. Be open to all client types and don’t be afraid to work outside of your comfort zone when it comes to helping someone achieve their goals.