Get people talking about your fitness business!

As a personal trainer/fitness professional, we all want people talking about our fitness business, who doesn’t! However sometimes generating a buzz can be a little trickier than thought.
We all know the effectiveness of word of mouth, I can guarantee there’s at least one store you have visited, or product bought because of recommendation from a friend.

The best personal trainers didn’t get to where they are today without marketing themselves! Your marketing techniques will play a large role on your likelihood of people talking.

Build trust – Like everything, trust takes time to build. There will be failures along the way, but that’s all part of it. Once trust is gained you can then begin to build relationships.

Request testimonials – Usually during or after a session clients say how much they enjoy training or text you telling you they’re proud of how far they’ve come.
Simply ask if they could spare a few minutes to share this on social media via your business page or on your wall.

Be consistent – Creating a Facebook page is good and all that, but if you only post little and often it may seem a little flat to viewers. New visitors are attracted by active pages with fresh, up to date content. If someone comments, keep on top and reply. This shows interest in not only making money but what your clients are doing. It shows you care. We all know consistency is key.

Become a master of your craft – In short, be a good coach! Easier said than done, sure. However, the better the results you get, the more likely people are to shout about you and train with you. Focus on what you do and exceed expectations.

Advertise – Stating the obvious right! But very few people actually take advantage of advertising now, it’s overlooked by social media interaction and new / modern methods of spreading the word. Advertising through Facebook and other social media platforms can be very beneficial in terms of conversion depending on what and who it is you target yourself too. One of the most effective ways of doing so in terms of 1-1 personal training is by setting up an advert on Facebook, setting a target radius of around 10miles or so (depending on where you are wanting to reach and how far) and then selecting your target market through age, gender, interests and so on. You can set a daily budget and timescale you want the ad to run for and Facebook will then do all the work, simple!

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