Packages - Stripe Payment options

by Ryan Hallett

Do trainers or clients need to action anything in their accounts to enable this new feature?

No configuration or setup is required for trainers or clients to see the new payment methods.

What countries support Apple Pay integration?

The full list can be found here

What countries support Google Pay integration?

The full list can be found here

What Payment Methods will be available?

- Apple Pay will be available on Web and Mobile.

- Google Pay will be an option, but only on the web and in certain web browsers (Chrome and Edge).

- Link will also continue to be supported.

- Card will also continue to be supported.

- Cashapp is also available in the US.

- RevolutPay is available, but Trainers would need to setup this payment method within their Stripe account.

What browsers does Apple Pay work with on an iOS device?

All web browsers.

Is PayPal supported?

PayPal is not supported due to the fact that they do not currently support Stripe Connect payments.

Will the new payment methods be available on existing packages created?

Yes. Additional payment options will be available for both existing packages and any new packages Trainers create moving forwards.

Can a Trainer disable a payment method?

Yes. Additional Payment methods can be disabled by the trainer through their connect Stripe account. This can be done from the Settings → Payment Methods area in Stripe.

Will both Personal and Company Stripe packages have these options?

Yes, both will have this option for clients.

If a client signs up with Google or Apple Pay, what happens when they purchase a second package when logged in?

We will use the card that is associated to their Apple or Google Pay account and the client can re-use that card.

Can clients still apply Voucher?

Yes. Vouchers work as normal.

Can Trainers enable payment options that we do not support?

No, not currently, however, we will be looking to update as much as possible.

How do we determine what payment methods we show to clients?

The Trainer’s currency determines payment methods.


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