Trainer - Personal Bests

by Ryan Hallett

The 'Personal Bests' that are stored are for strength based exercises. The Personal Bests stored are 'Max Weight Lifted', 'Max Reps' and 'Max Volume'. 

You will be able to see these in various areas in the platform, which below you will see where these can be viewed.


On the mobile app, when logging a workout with your client and you select 'Exercise History' for an particular exercise. 

Client - Exercise History PB - App.PNG

On the mobile app, from your 'Activity feed', you can select the workout and it will show which 'Personal Bests' were achieved in this workout.

Trainer - Session completed PB - App.PNG


On the web, you can view your clients session from either the 'Activity Feed' or 'Calendar' and on the overview page of that workout, you can view the 'Personal Bests' achieved in that workout.

Trainer - Completed workout PB - web.png


When editing a workout for the client directly in their profile, when you select 'Exercise History' there will be an option to view the 'Personal Bests' for that exercise.

Trainer - Edit workout - Exercise history PB - web.png



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