Client - Personal Bests

by Ryan Hallett

We will store and track all your personal bests for your strength based exercises. The Personal Bests stored are 'Max Weight Lifted', 'Max Reps' and 'Max Volume'. 

You can view your 'Personal Bests' in different areas, which below will show you exactly where to view these.


Once you select 'Finish workout', the following screen will appearing showing you what 'Personal Bests' for which exercise(s).

Client - Slash screen PB - App.PNG


Once you have selected 'Next' it will take you to the overview page of your workout, where you can see all your 'Personal Bests' you have achieved in this workout.

Client - Final completed workout screen PB - App.PNG

When logging a workout, once you select 'Exercise History' you can then view all your 'Personal Bests' at the top of the screen.

Client - Exercise History PB - App.PNG

You can also view all your 'Personal Bests' via your 'Activity Feed' which if you select the workout, it will show which 'Personal Bests' you achieved in that workout. 

Client - Session completed PB - App.PNG




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