Custom app process - iOS

by Ryan Hallett

iOS Apps

The one-time fee covers both iOS and Android devices, but the processes for building these are very different. Below, we have outlined how we go about producing this for iOS.


Purchase and Submit Logo

Once you've made your custom app purchase, you'll be asked to send over the logo that you would like us to use when replacing the My PT Hub icon. After you've successfully purchased and sent us your logo, you'll receive an email confirmation from our Apps Team. 



We Design Your App Icon

This is where the hard work starts. Our mobile app designers will take your logo and modify it so it's optimised for iOS devices. This process requires an experienced and skilful designer. Apple are very particular about this, so it's important we get it right for you!


Submit For Review

Once our app design team have finished, they'll add your new custom app icon into the My PT Hub app. Please note, Apple state that we CAN NOT submit your app icon as a brand new app on the App Store. This is strictly against their guidelines! Therefore, we add the icon into the My PT Hub app, enabling you and your clients to swap out automatically, once the Apple Review Team has approved it.


Update Your iOS App!

As soon as Apple has approved the latest version of the My PT Hub app, we'll notify you and your clients that they can download the latest version and update your branding. Once they've logged in, this will remove the My PT Hub icon, and display your own custom app logo.



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