Custom app process - Android (Optional)

by Ryan Hallett

Android Apps

The one-time fee covers both iOS and Android devices, but the processes for building these are very different. Below, we have outlined how we go about producing this for Android.


Purchase and Submit Logo

Once you've made your custom app purchase, you'll be asked to send over the logo that you would like us to use when replacing the My PT Hub icon. After you've successfully purchased and sent us your logo, you'll receive an email confirmation from our Apps Team.

Within the settings of your account, you will also need to go to 'Settings' and purchase your own Google developer account, however, this is optional.


We Design Your App Icon

This is where the hard work starts. Our mobile app designers will take your logo and modify it so it's optimised for all Android devices. This process requires an experienced and skillful designer. Google are very particular about this, so it's important that we get it right for you! 


Submit For Review

Unlike Apple, Google is happy for us to create a completely custom-branded app on their Google Play Store providing you have your own Google developer account. So once ready, our Apps Team will build you a custom listing on Google Play. This includes a custom app name, description and screenshots. We then submit this app to Google and await their approval. Please note that sometimes, Google asks us for a confirmation letter from yourself, granting My PT Hub permission to submit an app with your branding on.


Download Your Android App!

As soon as Google approves your app, our apps team will notify you, via email, that your Android app is ready to download and install.


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