How to Log a Workout

by Ryan Hallett

Log Workout from the Hub

There are are a few ways in which you can log a workout, but this is the most popular. Logging a workout can also be started from the Workouts or Program hubs.

  1. Begin by clicking on Start a Workout from the Hub


  2. Next select the toggles to fit your Workout preference. If you are logging a workout retrospectively, toggle Start Workout Now to the off position and enter the historical date you would like to log for.

    If you would like to log against an existing template, press Select workout. You will then be able to choose from your Assigned or Created workouts. Select the template you wish to log against and will take you to the workout template.

    If you are on a Program, the assigned workouts from your schedule will appear here.

  3. Now you are ready to start your Workout! Press 'Start', which will take you to a new screen with a list of exercises for the workout. If you are not following a template, you will be prompted to add an exercise of your choice.


  4. Check off each set as you go, and if you would like to add an additional set, simply press Add Set, and type in the relevant changes if there are any.  If you decide you don't want to complete a particular set or add by accident, don't worry, just leave it blank.


  5. Want to change an exercise for something else or remove it? Simply press on the   and the menu will slide up. From here you can:

      Add Note
      See Exercise History
      Create Super Set or Giant Set
      Swap Exercise
      Remove Exercise

    To Swap an Exercise,  press that option and you will be able to choose from suggested Alternatives, Search or select by Body Part. Press the exercise you would like to swap, and it will automatically take you back to your workout with the new exercise. You may need to adjust the ranges and number of sets for your new exercise.


  6. Finally, once you are happy that you have logged everything for this workout, it's time to save it. Scroll to the bottom of the list and press Finish Workout. A prompt will come up just to check you are sure that you want to Finish the workout, if you are, the final page of the workout will appear. Here you can add any feedback or notes for your trainer. 

    When you are ready, press Finish and that's it, you've logged a workout!



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