How to Log Nutrition

by Ryan Hallett

Log Nutrition from The Hub

There are are a few ways to log your nutrition, but this is by far the most popular.


  1. Starting on The Hub, tap on the Log Nutrition button, located under the Today tab.

  2. If you would like to log against an existing template, select the plan and press Next. If you don't have a plan to work to just yet, select No Nutrition Plan.


    The next screen will show the plan. Each food item has been allocated a Meal. In this example, the meals are Breakfast; Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Throughout the day checking off your logged nutrition will fill up the Daily Kcal Goal bar. Just a quick heads up, this will not display if you are not follow a template set by your trainer.

    If you wish to retrospectively Log Nutrition, tap on the Date at the top and select the correct day.


  3. To add an additional item(s) to a meal, simply press + Add Food / Drink ItemFrom this screen you can Search our database, and/or select from your Custom Foods. Alternatively, you can Scan a Barcode to find a food or drink item.
  4. To add multiple items at once, use the Multi Add button at the bottom of the screen. Once multiple items have been selected, they will appear under the Stack tab for you to add.


  5. To check your Macros, you have the overview at the top of the screen, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page and press View Macros. To close the Macro drawer, tap anywhere outside of the white panel.


  6. You can continue to Log throughout the day, just remember to scroll down and Save Log!



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