by Ryan Hallett
The new marketplace will show you a general overview of what new and awesome things we have to offer you as a trainer.

You can use the navigation tabs at the top of the page to scroll through the different features we have via the marketplace, both via the mobile app and web browser.

From the hub, head to marketplace in the left side bar. 


Marketplace home.png


Within 'Templates' You will be able to select whether you want to view all the 'Programs', 'Workouts' and 'Nutrition' plans which you can then add to your own account, completely free!

If you are wanting to add a program to your account, you can view the individual workouts within this plan. If you click on the program itself, you can click into the individual workouts to view the exercises inside to make sure this is right for you and your clients.
Marketplace Templates.png


You can find the partners we work with here that will allow you to get awesome savings on their products.

If you click on the company you are interested in, it will give you a discount code which will then take you to their website, we have over 60 companies we are partnered with and have over £3,000 worth of savings.

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Our resources section will show you all of the new things we have to offer trainers, this is where you will find our new masterclasses, Podcasts, E-books and free tools that you can use to grow your business with the help from mypthub.

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This is where you can find all of our additional features, including purchasing the custom app!

If you click on these features, you will get an overview of what they consist of and the instructions you need to purchase.

You can only purchase add-ons via your web browser.

Marketplace, Add ons.png


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