How to purchase a package and apply a voucher

by Ryan Hallett

Purchasing a package

  1. Begin by clicking on the menu icon in the bottom-right of the page and then selecting Marketplace.Package1.gif


2. Next, select the package you wish to purchase by swiping left and right on your screen. You can also select 'View All' in the top-right for an overview



3. Once you have clicked on the package you wish to purchase you will be taken to the overview page where you can read about the package and purchase.

To purchase, scroll down the page and complete all required fields then select Submit.


Applying a Voucher

4. To Apply a Voucher input your code in the Voucher tab at the bottom of the purchase page and select Apply to reduce the Total.




There you have it! You have now successfully purchased a package from your trainer. 🤗


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