Custom app FAQs

by Ryan Hallett

What do I get with a custom app?

The custom app icon gives your business all the power of My PT Hub but with your branding inside and out. This means that instead of the My PT Hub logo sitting on your client’s devices, it will be yours!

How much does a custom app cost?

For you to have your very own branded app on iOS, is a one of payment which can be found within the 'Marketplace' in your account.

For Google play, once purchased, you will need to go into the settings of your account and purchase a Google developer account, the process will be explained there.

How long does it take to create my app?

We are giving a guideline of 2-4 weeks for iOS and up to 12 weeks for Google. However, if we can get it ready early for you, we will.

Can I change my app once it has been published?

You can indeed. Once your app is up and running you can edit your app once (including the description, title, and icon itself) for FREE!

What do I need to get my app?

The first thing you will need is an Upgraded My Pt Hub account. The next is a square image of what you want your app icon to be.

Measurements: 1024 x 1024 pixel image this can be PNG. or PDF. format

The Google Play store is very particular about what they do/do not allow. One thing they’re not fond of is a lot of text. Remember, your app icon is very small on a mobile/tablet device. We suggest that a logo (with minimal text) is the best way to go. 

What's the difference between between iOS and Google?

On iOS, you and your clients will download the My PT Hub app, once logged in the app icon on the device will then change to your logo! My PT Hub will still appear underneath. 

With Google (optional) the app will be searchable on the Google Play store and both you and your clients can search and download your app. 


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