Sync my calendar to my Google calendar

In your hub, click on your name in the top left of the page and then click ‘Settings’. This will take you to your settings page.

You will then see a tab labeled ‘Calendar’ located on the left-hand side of the page.

You will now see that you have the option to sync your My PT Hub sessions with your calendar whether that be iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook and others.

Hit the ‘Connect’ button.

If you are using Google Chrome an external window will open asking you whether you would like to ‘Open Calendar’, click the ‘Open Calendar’ button on the bottom right.

Your calendar will now pop up with a message asking you to enter the URL of the calendar you are subscribing to. This will automatically load for you.

If you want to add this calendar to you Google calendar, just copy the URL…

URL Screenshot

and open your Google calendar. Once you have opened your Google calendar, you will notice this bar along the left hand side of the page…

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.40.32

You can see the ‘Other Calendars’ section which is a dropdown menu. Simply click on this and hit ‘Add by URL’.

Cal button

Add by URL

Next, just paste the URL you copied earlier and hit the ‘Add Calendar’ button.

Add Cal

Then your My PT Hub calendar appear in your Google calendar!