Log my own nutrition – Mobile App

From your hub, head hit ‘Log Nutrition’.

From here you will be able to view and select a plan your trainer has assigned to you.

To log your own nutrition select ‘No Nutrition Plan’.

From here select the ‘+’ icon and ‘Add Meal’ or ‘Add Meal from Template’ If you have created a meal template.

Then hit ‘Create’.

Once you have created a meal you can then add or scan in your own food item select ‘Add Food/Drink’.

You can select enter the food item name and select ‘Go’ on your keyboard and select your item from the search list.

Alternatively, you can also scan in a food item by select the barcode icon in the top right -hand corner.

From the next page, you will be able to enter your food item portion.

Once you have entered your food item, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Add Food/Drink’.

After you have completed your entry don’t forget to hit ‘Save Nutrition Log’.