Mr.Olympia 2016 – Who’s your money on?

With the Mr.Olympia close on the horizon it’s time to start getting excited. Something we look forward to year on year, something the athletes themselves dedicate all their time and energy to. Blood, sweat and iron.

Just over a week left now! The athletes are fine chiseling their physiques, and dialling it all in ready for their biggest day of the year, if not lives!
Once their foot steps onto that prestigious stage their hard work will be revealed. We all have a favourite in mind of who we would like to win but who do we really think will take it this year? Phil Heath again?

Here’s our predictions;

  1. Kai Greene
  2. Phil Heath
  3. Dexter Jackson
  4. Shaun Rhoden
  5. William Bonac

Speculation has now spread that Kai Greene may not be competing at this years Mr.Olympia following on from his reply to a few instagram posts from fans and interviews!
Following on from his win at the Arnold this year if he is to compete he definitely holds a threat to Phil Heath. Not only was his posing routine incredible he also looked very, very good. A well desrved Arnold Classic 2016 win.

This year is not only a huge lineup, we also see the return of Kevin Levrone! A lot of people are backing him for a HUGE return, saying he is now in the best condition he has ever been in and that he holds a strong chance of top 3. As strong as those claims may be we don’t quite feel he will bring a strong enough package for the top 5. But don’t take our word for it!

Someone we do have our close eye on however regardless of positioning is William Bonac. Coached by the notorious Neil Hill, Will recently one his Arnold Classic qualifying him for the Mr.Olympia. With constant updates from both Will and Neil it’s safe to say his condition is looking strong!

We’re not expecting much of a position change from last year give or take a drastic surprise from both Kai and Kevin. Branch Warren and Steve Kuclo are looking strong but there isn’t too much of a massive change to make an impact. If you have been following Roelly at all you would of seen how beastly he was looking during his off-season! The guys an animal, heck who knows, we could even see him place within the top 6. All will be revealed.

So who is your favourite? Phil Heath? Or do you wan’t to see the return of Kai Greene and watch his take that 1st from Phil.
1st or last they’re all winners in our hearts. We couldn’t do what they do, day in, day out give their 100% all to something so prestigious in the bodybuilding world.

Comment your top 3 and who you’re looking forward to gracing the stage the most!