New client workout logger! Increase your time management!

With the recent update of Version 3.2.0 to the mobile app bringing some new design changes to the clients’ view and hub, there’s another valuable change which some may have missed.

Clients now have the ability to start and log their own workout! 

With this, you no longer need to spend time before a client comes to a session writing up their plan for the day, they can simply turn up and start logging their workout as they go!

They still have full functionality meaning they can add sets, reps, weight etc. As well as adding supersets/giant sets in!
They can even save the workout as a template and name this at the end for future logging!

Many clients may do extra activity within their week that is not set out by the trainer, such as a weekend run/bike ride or an additional fitness class. Before there was no way to log this unless the trainer created the workout for them and they logged it or they simply messaged the trainer to let them know what they completed. Well not anymore!

If your client does an additional run on the weekend, giving them the ability to now log this not only helps you, the trainer see exactly what it is they done, you can now monitor their results even more to the dot, and perhaps program this into their training or nutrition!

Helping your clients reach that step closer to achieving their fitness goals!

Along with the ability of clients being able to log their own workouts, the interface of the clients’ hub has had a makeover. We’ve introduced a new sleek, elegant design, now making it clearer and easier than before to navigate! I know what you’re thinking…“But it was so easy before!” 

Check out the article below on how your clients can now log their own workouts!

Client How To: Log my own workout.

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