Your App. Your Style. Create Your Own Custom Fitness App!


There we have it, 2017 has begun and is off to a strong start. Everyone’s back to work and the new years resolutioners are beginning to step foot in the gym. Ask yourself – “What steps have I taken to better my business?”, “Have I done everything I can to gain more clients?”. There will always […]

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Transitioning from December to January – Start strong!


Once a month December comes and goes, but throughout this period people seem to have a more relaxed approach to all things fitness – both goals and business related. So should we treat it differently to any other time of the year? And if so, why? Firstly, there is no right or wrong. How you manage your time […]

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Still Using Pen & Paper?


Long gone are the days of writing down your clients workouts via pen & paper. More and more trainers have succumb to technology and modern ways of coaching. My PT Hub has not only revolutionised the way trainers now interact with both their 1-1 and online clients but helped to make that change easy. Online […]

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Top tips on keeping your clients focused!


A client will always come to us with an end goal. But sometimes the goal/s can become blurred or overlooked. As a trainer it’s our job to keep a client on track, heading directly towards that goal! Things are likely to get in the way no doubt, but it’s how you as a trainer deal with […]

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STRONG Marketing with Emma Howie


“A brand is worthless if it doesn’t CONNECT with the right audience in a relevant way.” Becoming a Personal Trainer with a Degree in Fashion Media, I wondered if I had wasted years of precious time and money studying the wrong thing…? But really, my degree set me up with the tools perfect to leap […]

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Get set for January with your own custom app!


With January just around the corner how many of us are planning for the new year? And not just new years resolutions but business related plans? Technology within the fitness industry has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, but are you up to date? My PT Hub has currently helped over […]

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Nutrition made easy with My PT Hub


You hear a lot of trainers say “Abs are made in the kitchen” or “You can’t out train a bad diet”, but a lot of coaches find nutrition planning to be time consuming and stressful. Well say goodbye to countless hours spent creating un-needed PDF files & spreadsheets and hello to nutrition building with My PT Hub! My […]

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It’s Here! – Packages & Payments AND Custom Branded App


We told you something BIG was coming… and boy did we deliver! Welcome to most powerful update to My PT Hub yet! Introducing Packages & Payments! Oh and not forgetting… Your own custom branded app icon! Packages & Payments: Create packages // Accept payments // View billing & accounts – Create a Package: Now you […]

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