Streamline your client on-boarding process with custom forms.

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For some, the onboarding process of a new client is one of, if not, the most important phases of a client’s journey and introduction to you and your coaching business.

Make the right impression with the help of custom forms via My PT Hub!

Your approach to onboarding new clients’ may vary from in-person to online, but don’t let that stop you from utilising one of the most powerful tools in your My PT Hub arsenal: The ability to add a form you have created to the sign-up process.

How can this benefit me?
During your client’s sign-up process & activation of their account, they will enter all of their details from measurements, goal and more. The final step a client will complete is the automated PAR-Q, now, if you’ve assigned your custom form to the sign-up process it will then load after completion of the PAR-Q.

A seamless process! 

Forms can be made up of any question you like with a variety of question types to choose from such as;
– Scale of 1/10
– Yes or No
– Star rating
– Multiple Choice
– eSignature
– Number/Text input and more!

Having all of your forms online, in one easy to access place not only helps streamline your fitness business, it makes your whole set up look and feel sleek, giving you that edge over others!

So what are you waiting for? Get creating now via the ‘Forms‘ tab within your navigation bar!