The Ultimate Strategic Partnership: My PT Hub x ACA (Advanced Coaching Academy)

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My PT Hub are proud to announce we are now partnered with the Advanced Coaching Academy!

The World’s No.1 Fitness Education Platform


What is the Advanced Coaching Academy?

The Advanced Coaching Academy is an accredited online educational platform designed for health and fitness professionals across the world.
The Advanced Coaching Academy is split into three modular courses, BUSINESS ACUMEN, APPLIED NUTRITION and ADVANCED COACHING all of which are designed be studied in your own time, simultaneously or as individual courses.
Content is delivered weekly and designed to give coaches the theoretical and practical knowledge required to operate highly successful fitness businesses.

How does this benefit me?

To be the best, you must learn from the best.
As a coach/fitness professional it’s important to stay on top of your game.
The Advanced Coaching Academy has been designed to take you that step beyond, furthering not only your knowledge in all things fitness but also business, marketing and strategy.
View further details on what the ACA covers here.


Here at My PT Hub, we endeavour to assist you in delivering the finest services available to the health and fitness industry. In alignment with that, we have collaborated and formed a strategic partnership with the Advanced Coaching Academy.
The Advanced Coaching Academy gives health and fitness professionals the skills required to scale their businesses, refine their service offering and deliver a level of coaching that far surpasses the current industry standards.