UnStick Yourself – Changing a Workout On The Fly

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Don’t let a busy gym catch you out.

It’s happened to us all at some point, whether you’re training by yourself or with a client.
You move on to the next exercise – Barbell bench press. You approach the bench and, yep, it’s in use and there’s a 3-man deep waiting list. You have to think then and there, “what next?” without seeming clueless or un-prepared to your client.

It’s an awkward situation which the best of trainers can transition from smoothly without any hiccups.

But how?

When logging your client’s workout via My PT Hub you can quickly and efficiently swap an exercise for an alternative using the swap exercise icon.
This will automatically display 3 similar exercises which you can then select and switch out immediately.
Alternatively, if you want to complete an exercise that doesn’t show you can hit ‘Add Exercise’ at the bottom of the workout logger to search for an exercise of your choice.

Every trainer should be able to on the spot think of an alternative exercise when needed, so what should we be looking at when it comes to exercise selection?

There are some obvious things such as;
– Understanding of movement patterns.
– Manipulation of sets and reps to keep total volume the same if weight is sparse.
– Different training methods raging from time under tension, blood flow restriction training, drop sets and more.

Also, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others in the gym or experiment!
Many of the exercises I complete today are movements I have tested and trialed myself with clients in the gym.