Create a Google Developer account

by Ryan Hallett

Now that you have purchased your very own Custom App via the My PT Hub Marketplace, you can have your app published to the Google Play Store, available to all your clients that have Android devices.

In order to have this optional extra, it requires you to purchase and set up a Google Developer Account - this allows us to create, build and publish the app on your behalf.

Follow the steps below to purchase and set up your developer account - if you have any questions, please contact


Creating Google Developer Account 

  1. Sign up to create a Google Developer Account via this link - Sign up here!
  2. Select organization.
  3. Enter a Developer name (this can be your business name or name of your app - this will be visible to customers, so consider the spelling, formatting, etc. of the name)
  4. Click Create or select payment profile
    - On the pop-up, select an existing profile or click to create new
    - If creating new payment profile, enter the required information on the pop-up window
  5. On Public developer profile, enter Developer email address (this is the contact email address of your developer account, not your login)
  6. Click Verify email address (if not a Google account, follow steps to complete)
    - Tick the Acknowledgement checkbox and click Next and move on to the next steps
  7. On About you page, enter information about your Google Play Console experience
    - Click Yes or No for the next question depending on your answer
    - Enter website URL - this can be your own website or your My PT Hub subdomain
  8. On Apps page, specify how many apps you plan on publishing to Google Developer Account (it’ll be 1 from My PT Hub, however, if you plan to use this for other apps in future, feel free to enter information based on that instead)
    - You won’t earn money through the sale of the app itself as it is free to download. Again, if it will be used for monetary purposes in the future for another app, please enter information based on this.
    - For App categories, your custom app doesn’t include any of the options - select None of the above
  9. On How Google contacts you, enter the Contact name and Contact email address of the owner/holder of the developer account - best to be the owner of the business
    - Select your Preferred language and enter Contact phone number of account owner/holder
    - Select how you would like to verify the phone number and click Verify phone number option
    - Enter provided information to verify number and click Verify
    - Once successfully verified, click Next
  10. Tick in boxes to agree to terms and conditions - feel free to review these before accepting the terms
    - When ready, tick boxes and click Create account and pay
  11. You’ll be asked to complete your purchase - you’ll need provide a valid bank card if there’s not already one registered to your account
    - Once card has been added, click Buy button - payment will process
  12. Click Go to Play Console

Verifying Identity

  1. On Home page, click Complete verification
  2. On banner at top of page, click Get started
    - On verify identity pop-up window, it advises what you’ll need to provide to verify your identity (the requirements change depending on whether you are an “individual/sole trader” or a “business owner/organisation”)
    - If ready to proceed with the process, tick box to agree to terms and conditions and click Start verification
  3. You can then enter the details requested which will include your address, photo ID and a document with your name and address
  4. This will then need to be verified by Google

Developer account information and API access

  1. On Home page, at the top is your Developer name and Developer ID, copy each of these and paste the information into the applicable box on Custom Apps page in Settings in your My PT Hub account
  2. Once those details are in, open the following Google document via this link - Google API - Getting Started
  3. Scroll down and find the “Use a service account” section - click on the hyperlinked Service Accounts text on step 1 (you will be redirected to the Google Cloud Platform).
  4. In the top-right corner, click CREATE PROJECT
    - Enter a Project name - this can be your business name or app name
    - For Billing account, select My billing account
    - Click CREATE
  5. Once the project has been created, click the Create Service Account button at the top page
  6. Provide a Service Account Name. This can be the business or app name. The Service Account ID will be automatically filled in with your Service Account Name
  7. Service Account Description is optional. Feel free to leave this section blank
  8. Click Create and Continue
  9. Click Select a role, then scroll through the list and choose Service Accounts > Service Account User. You can type in Service Account User in the top of the search to filter
  10. Click Done. This will take you back to the Service Accounts page
  11. Click the 3 dots under the Actions column, then Manage Keys
  12. Use the Add Key option, followed by Create new key
  13. Make sure JSON is selected as the Key Type and select Create
  14. You'll receive a pop-up advising that the private key has been saved to your computer - Click Close
  15. Make a note of the name of the JSON file downloaded to your computer. The file will most likely save under the Downloads section of your files
  16. Open your JSON file there will be a section that says 'Client_email', please keep hold of this as you will need this email address for later. The email should end in
  17. Go back to your My PT Hub account and upload the key from your Downloads folder to the “Google Service Account Key” file dropbox
    - If the file has been uploaded to the dropbox, you’ll see a red REMOVE button below the name of the file
  18. Now that all 3 details have been entered into the Settings page, scroll to the bottom and click Save
    - If successful, you will see a “Custom app details updated” green success message
    - If unsuccessful, you will see a red error message, stating why it was unsuccessful
    - If you are unsure, please contact us at

Inviting us as a user

  1. Head to the Google Play Console
  2. On the left-side navigation bar, click Users and permissions
  3. To add My PT Hub as a user, select Invite new users in the top-right
  4. Enter in the Email address textbox
  5. For Access expiry, leave this blank
  6. Click the Account permissions (tab) option
  7. Tick the Admin (all permissions) box
  8. Click Invite user in the bottom-right corner
  9. You will also need to invite another user, which is the email address from your JSON file which ends in Please follow the same process as you did for previous email address. 

NOTE: If no access expiration date is selected, My PT Hub will have ongoing access to the Google Play Console account, which is required for ongoing support.

Enable Developer API

  1. Click the following link - Google Developer console
  2. Click 'Enable'.



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