How to manage clients on a subscription

by Lottie Hillier
From your My PT Hub page on the web browser, head into ‘packages’.
Packages, 3 dots
Click onto any package you are wanting to use and head to the ‘assignment’ section.

Packages, assignments

Select ‘client groups’ and you can then add the client group to the package.
Click ‘update package’ so that this saves.
Going forward, anyone who purchases this package will filter into this client group, meaning you can assign new workouts going forward to each person in the group.
Client group, 3 dots.png
This is great for challenges or monthly memberships where you want people to have different workouts each month.

To add assignments into the client group, head into the 'groups' section > click on 'client' at the top of the page, head into the group you wish to add assignments to.

Client group, preview.png
You can then head into the desired section, for example 'workouts' and 'update assignments' at the bottom of the page, select the workouts to add and then save this.

All clients inside the group will then receive these additional assignments.

Please note, if the package cancels for the client, you will need to manually remove the client from the client group.


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