Create a package

by Ryan Hallett

On the left hand side of your account, you will see the side menu where you can select 'Packages'.





You can create a free package without creating and connecting a Stripe account, however when you wish to start taking payment you will need to do this.


In the packages area there are 4 tabs at the top. On the first tab 'details' is where you can add all the relevant information regarding the package.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 14.17.15.png


The second tab is 'Assignments' where you can add anything to the package such as workouts, programs, nutrition plans, files and client groups. 

Packages, assignments


The third tab is 'Availability' where you can add if the package is public, private or invite only, select availability dates and invite clients or client groups. 

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 14.22.39.png


The last tab is 'Pricing' and where you can select if the package is free or paid, a one off payment or recurring and if it expires. Here you can also add any credits or sessions and limit the number of sales.

Packages, pricing


Once everything with an * has been filled in the 'Create package' button will be highlighted and you will be able to save the package. 


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