Personal and Company Packages

by Ryan Hallett

If you are the ONLY trainer in your organisation, you will only ever need personal packages, you do not need to set up company account packages.


Within the packages area, there is an option for  'Company' and 'Personal', you can toggle between them both on the 'Packages' area at the top (screenshot below).

You can connect a different Stripe account to personal ​and company accounts packages, or you can connect the same Stripe account.


Personal account - If you have additional trainers you have the option to allow your additional trainers to create their own packages and they can set up under whichever Stripe account they wish, whether you give them yours or whether they use their own. Personal account means that all trainers under the organisation will be able to link up their own Stripe account and they can collect payment for whatever they sell.

Under the personal account, workouts, programs, files, nutrition plans can be sold, however, if any client purchases a package from this account, they CANNOT  be moved to another trainer.


Company account - No assignments (such as workout and nutrition plans) can be added to these packages, however, sessions and credits can be sold through the company account. Only the admin can create packages under the company account, the benefit of having a company account is so that clients can be moved to other trainers in your organisation.


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