Habit Tracking FAQs

by Ryan Hallett
When I Assign a habit to a client, should they receive push notification each day? Also, what time would it be?
In a similar fashion to common Habit Tracking Apps, My PT Hub will remind your client that they have active habit each morning, and also report back to them their daily progress in the evening.
The two notifications are sent, when a client has active habits (that have not expired):
Morning (8am) - You have 5 habits to completed today.
Evening (8pm) - You have completed 2/5 habits today.
How do I Assign / Un-assign multiple habits at once to a Client?
Head to the Contacts area within the Web Platform or Mobile App and select the client you are working with today. From here, you can select the Habits sub-menu and choose “Assign” from the action bar at the bottom. Here you can assign multiple habits at once.
You can additionally, unassigned a Habit by selecting the ellipsis on the Habit itself and choosing the Unassign Habit.
How do I Assign / Un-assign a Habit from multiple clients?
Head to the Habits area on either the Web or Mobile platform. Select “Assign to Clients” from the popup menu after selecting the ellipsis on the Habit you want to Assign / Unassign.
My client has made a mistake when logging a habit, can I undo the log?
It’s not possible to do this yourself, however your client can go to their Dashboard or Habits area of the mobile app and hold their finger down on the habit to under the last log. 
This is only possible on the same day of the original log. After that, the data is stored.
I’d like to use the Habit templates you’ve added to my account, must I duplicate them?
The Habit templates can be used in exactly the same way as a Habit you have created yourself. Please Edit, Assign or even Duplicate / Archive as you wish.
I’d like to edit a Habit that has been assigned to a client, how do I do that?
Habits are a little different to Workouts and Nutrition Plans. Once assigned to a Client, they cannot be edited. However, the templates can be edited without affecting the assign Habit. Please duplicate a Habit, make your edits and then re-assign to your client.
I want to assign a Habit to many or all clients in my account - is there a shortcut for this?
Yes! You can use Groups in order to achieve this. Please create a group with the clients inside that you want to assign the Habit(s) to, and then assign the Habit(s) to that group by clicking the ellipsis and selecting “Assign to Group(s)".
I’ve accidentally deleted a habit, how can I get it back?
It’s not currently possible to delete habits, only Archive. Please head to the Archive tab and select “Restore” from the popup menu access via the ellipsis on either the web platform or mobile app.
My Client can’t see the Habit(s) I have assigned them, what’s going on?
The most likely reason for this is that the Habit has expired. You set this expiry date when assigning the Habit to them. Please refine the expiry date to expire further in the future or remove it and re-assign to the client.
It may also be possible that the Habit was assigned via a Group, but Unassigned directly. Direct, individual client assignments take precedence in My PT Hub. Please re-assign directly to your client, in this case.


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