Marketing Campaigns (Google Ads) FAQs

by Ryan Hallett
If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you watch the How-to Video Guide for Google Ads:

I'm new to Marketing - where do I start?

We've prepared lots of useful content to help you build & promote your Fitness Business. Please visit the Marketplace where you will find Ebooks / Guides, Webinars and Podcasts about Marketing and Promotion. Once you've prepared your Packages, come back to the Marketing area with My PT Hub to build you My Site and launch your Marketing Campaigns with Google Ads. 


I've heard Google Ads is complicated and time consuming to setup and maintain, is My PT Hub Campaigns any different?

In collaboration with Google, the My PT Hub campaigns feature has been specifically designed to remove the complication and time-consuming management of Ads campaigns. We combine our own team's Ad expertise with Google's automated content and bidding tools to deploy thousands of variations of an ad using content from your Account and Packages. So you don't have to be a copywriter or Ad auction expert to run an ad campaign.


How do I pay for Ad Campaigns?

My PT Hub Campaigns feature can be used by any Premium Subscriber to Create & Maintain Google Ads campaigns, but Google Advertising Fees are still applicable. Within My PT Hub you can control Daily Budgets for each Campaign you launch and run, so you're always in control of what you spend.


During the setup process of the Campaigns feature, you will be taken to the Google Ads platform to confirm your billing details, and a monthly account budget for added piece of mind on what you spend.


Why do I need to create packages before I can use Marketing Campaigns?

The campaigns tool in My PT Hub is designed to help you promote your packages. Each campaign you create is linked directly to a package.


Where do I edit my Ad Content in My PT Hub?

The Campaigns feature is aimed at Trainers who wish to run successful pre-built campaigns, who don’t have the time to build an Advertising account strategy, do Keyword research or write effective Ad headlines, descriptions and other content. We’ve done this for you, based on our own Ad expertise, and with a little guidance from Google themselves on the best, most effective approach.
Therefore, if you do wish to change the content within your ads, or manage your own keyword strategy we recommend you setup your own Google Ads account.

My Package conversion rate is lower than expected, can My PT Hub help?

First of all, we'd recommend adding "Tracking" to you MySite for the lead / traffic driving channel that you are using. In Marketing > MySite > Tracking you can insert a Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics Tracking ID or AWIN Tracking ID (for affiliate program tracking). By activating these you'll be able to get a better understanding of which channels are driving traffic and what those users are doing when they arrive.

Additionally, we recommend heading over to the Marketplace where you will find Ebooks / Guides, Webinars and Podcasts about Marketing and Promotion for your packages.


How is the currency I pay for Campaigns Google Ads set?

When creating your account, we use your Stripe currency to setup the account.

Do I need an existing Google Account to use the Campaigns feature?

No, we’ll create a new account in Google Ads and manage it for you. All you need to do is to click on the “Invite Link’ during the setup process, and insert your Billing Details in order to pay Google directly for the ad campaigns that you run through My PT Hub. 
If you do already have a Google Business address, you can use that to access the Google Ads account that we create for you by inviting that email address as a user of the account. This can be done in Google Ads under Settings & Billing > Access & Security

Can I link an existing Google Ads account My PT Hub?

No, we’ll create a new account in Google Ads and manage it for you. We'll do this so that we can deploy our tried & tested Ads account setup on your behalf to maximise conversions for your packages. You can still keep your own Ads account, but we advise that you don't run your own competing campaigns at the same time as running Google Ad campaigns in My PT Hub to avoid confusing potential clients.

I want to cancel or pause a campaign, how do I access my Google Account?

You can Create, Pause and Cancel a campaign from within the My PT Hub marketing interface. Simply select the ellipsis icon next to the campaign and choose Pause, or Cancel.

I would like to edit my campaign, but I don't see the option

Due to our agreement with Google, once a campaign has been activated it cannot be edited. In order to proceed, please cancel the campaign and create a new one.


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