Marketing MySite FAQs

by Ryan Hallett

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you watch the How-to Video Guide for MySite:


What is a "MySite"?

A lot of trainers have told us that they spend a lot if time developing and maintaining a website / online presence , to ensure they maintain professional standards online. If that's you - then MySite is the answer! In around 5 minutes, you could have a website up and running on your unique My PT Hub domain i.e. https://[subdomain]

When activated, Mysite will replace your existing Login / Packages / Events screen and become your "Store Front" for potential and existing clients to Login to My PT Hub, review and purchase Packages, browse offers and sign up to Events.


I can't get my Header image to look right, can you help?

Ideally, the header image that you upload to MySite should be a minimum of 1400px wide, and it should be less than half tall. I.e. 1400w x 600h or 1700w x 700h are good sizes, that will look good on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.


My Package conversion rate is lower than expected, can My PT Hub help?

First of all, we'd recommend adding "Tracking" to you MySite for the lead / traffic driving channel that you are using. In Marketing > MySite > Tracking you can insert a Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics Tracking ID or AWIN Tracking ID (for affiliate program tracking). By activating these you'll be able to get a better understanding of which channels are driving traffic and what those users are doing when they arrive.

Additionally, we recommend heading over to the Marketplace where you will find Ebooks / Guides, Webinars and Podcasts about Marketing and Promotion for your packages.


How do I preview my Mysite before I publish / make it live?

Within the MySite editing area you can preview your MySite at any time with the "Preview MySite" link. This will open your MySite in a new tab. Once you are happy, you can publish your Mysite.

Can I use my own Domain Name for MySite?

Not yet. We'll let you know when this feature becomes available.


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