MyFitnessPal Integration

by Ryan Hallett


How do I enable my client’s to sync their MyFitnessPal Nutrition Diaries with My PT Hub?
It’s a simple process to get setup for the first time. Ask your clients to:
  • Go to Settings > Feature Settings > Integrations and toggle MyFitnessPal to “On”.
  • Fill in your own MyFitnessPal login details in the prompt.
  • Wait a few seconds for the sync to complete.
  • That’s it! The last 7 days of your Meal Diary are now accessible in the Activity Feed. You will now also see today’s total calories on the Hub.
As a Trainer, where can I review my clients' MyFitnessPal Nutrition log?

As with any data integration within My PT Hub, you can review client progress and activity within both the Web and App platforms within Contacts > [Specific Contact] > “Integration Activity”.
A new tab within the section will show you each Daily Meal Diary that has synchronised successfully from MyFitnessPal.
You client will need to keep on top of synchronising their data on a daily basis, when completing their nutrition log.
What client data is synchronised and shared with me as a trainer, from MyFitnessPal?
The integration will synchronise the following items from the MyFitnessPal Meal Diary:
- Current Daily Calorie Total (Logged, but not necessarily "Completed" in the MFP meal diary).
- Daily: Carb / Fat / Protein Breakdowns.
- Daily: Calorie Goal
- Daily: Full Nutritional Information
- Daily: Meal Total / Carb / Fat / Protein Breakdowns.
I’m missing daily data from my client’s MyFitnessPal diary, what can I do?
As with My PT Hub’s in-built Nutrition Logger, your client needs to log their nutrition diary on a daily basis. Once they have completed their log in MyFitnessPal, they should return to My PT Hub and open the App, or “Pull down” on the dashboard to activate a manual synchronisation.
If a client has the MyFitnessPal service enabled in their account and has not synchronised a daily diary log, they will receive a Push Notification to as a reminder to complete the sync in order to complete you up-to-date.
How much historic data does My PT Hub import?

When the integration is enabled by your clients, the past 7 days of Meal Diary contents are synchronised from MyFitnessPal. From this point onward, every time your client opens the app or requests a manual sync by using the “pull down” gesture on the Hub, the app will check the MyFitnessPal service for any new nutritional information logged today, or for any previous days with the last 7 that have goals assigned (a Goal is assigned to a day if you have started a Diary log but not completed it in MyFitnessPal and have opened My PT Hub at least once to complete a sync on that day.


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