Information on additional trainers

by Ryan Hallett


- All additional trainers will have the same access as the admin, they will be able to see each other's workouts and nutrition plans, which these can be shared amongst each trainer under the same organisation. 

- All trainers will be able to see all other trainers clients, however, they will simply not be able to assign any plans to them, this will be still be with their assigned trainer.

- As an admin you will be able to control 2 features within your additional trainers account within your settings. 

1. Packages, you can control the permission whether your additional trainers can sell any packages to their own clients. 

2. Events, you can control the permission on whether trainers can create events that they can add to the company and their personal calendar. 


When it comes to additional trainers, they can take their own payments through mypthub, but as the admin, you have 2 options once again.

1. Company account, this means that all trainers funds will go into the same Stripe account, however, sessions and credits can only be sold through the company account, you are unable to sell workouts, nutrition and programs ect through the company account. Only the admin can create packages under the company account, additional trainers cannot create any packages under the company account. 

Personal account - You have the option to allow your additional trainers to create their own packages and they set up under whichever Stripe account they wish, whether you give them yours or whether they use their own. Personal account means that all trainers under the will be able to link up their own Stripe account and they can collect payment for whatever they sell. 

If a client has only ever purchased from the company account, then you can move them from one trainer to another. However, if they have purchased under the personal account, you cannot move them to another trainer.

Top tip - If you create the trainer's account profiles for them, then you can link the business Stripe account to their profile. The only way to disconnect a Stripe account is through the Stripe account itself, so your additional trainer would not be able too. 


All branding will be the same for each trainer, both colours and also if you have a custom app. 

What can be shared between trainers:

These are the only thing that can currently be shared between trainers:

- Workouts 

- Nutrition plans 

- If a custom exercise has been created by the admin, additional trainers will have access to these also. 

Can you move clients between trainers:

Yes, you can move clients between trainers, however, if a client has purchased a package from the personal account you will be unable to move them from one trainer to another. 

Can a client have more than one trainer:

Yes, a client can have more than 1 trainer, each trainer will add them as a new client, and the client will then have the 'Switch account' in their profile. All data will be stored separately for each trainer.



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